Who Are We?

Who am I?

I am Volina Armstrong. I am a woman raised in church, and still chasing after what that all means. God is my first love.

I am passionate about writing, about creativity, about encouraging others, and sold out on being who I am called to be.

I love to be different, I think that is what drives me. It’s not like I even had a choice with my own name. But, I learned to embrace that God created me different. It took me years to really accept what that all means, but I can say I love me, and have been delivered from other people’s opinions of me.

I love to laugh. Anyone that knows me, knows I will always find a way to make life fun. My philosophy even in the most trying of times is, “One day I’m going to laugh at all this.”

I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. I am always trying to find ways to relate to them. Just when I think I figured it out, I find that I haven’t. I’m finding there is no perfect solution, it’s all about balance and learning from mistakes.

I am a PK. As a child it meant a greater responsibility and expectation. As an adult, I appreciate that I have a deeper understanding of the things people in the pulpit really go through. My parents had 5 of us kids, and I’m the oldest daughter, so therefore I have a big family mentality.

I have been Apostolic (PAW/PCAF), Pentecostal (United Holiness, Mount Calvary and COGIC), and finally Baptist. So I feel like I have a well diverse background when it comes to going to black churches. Although challenging, I am grateful for my upbringing.

Oh, and most importantly, I got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost at age 7. So you could say that I been walkin’ this out for a while…

What I do?

I am a voice for the women who want to be heard. I grew up with such heavy restrictions, and I honestly thought most things I did was a sin. It wasn’t until my world fell apart that I realized that God is bigger than what I ever imagined.

Who are we?

We are an online support group for the church girl.

I realized many years ago that I am not in the struggle alone. So on this journey I invited some of my sisters to come along and share as well. Some of these women have been with me through some pretty rough times. Thankfully, God has placed them in my life so that I wouldn’t drown in my own self pity and pain. These are some pretty amazing ladies. We all come from similar backgrounds, share the love of God, and love for reaching out to other women. Collectively we share this passion, collectively we are purpose driven, and collectively we know that where two or three are gathered together in His name…we will see lives transformed!

Why are we nameless?

Well, the thought is simple. I found in the Bible that so many women had such amazing stories, but were not named. That puzzled me. A name means everything to me. Heck, I didn’t even name my firstborn for two days, because I wanted to make sure he had the right name. So, why? Ok, well in my imagination I thought, maybe it wasn’t about them being publicized, but more importantly that their stories made a difference. Their lives mattered.

NamelessWoman is a platform of encouragement. An outlet for the church girl.

We are not preaching on here, we are just being real. We want to talk about real life without the restraints. Come join the movement.

“NamelessWoman…It’s not just a name, it’s a movement.”


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